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Trainings on special topics to help you clinically

On Demand Trainings

No matter the time, day or night, you can get the training you need. When you need support, you can join our additional consultation groups.

Consultation Groups

Every new training needs some support to help you understand the nuance of your own clinical cases. Join us for case consultation where ever you are, to get the support you need for your community.

In Depth Understandings

We take the mystery out of life-changing therapy modalities such as Exposure and Response Prevention therapy for the treatment of OCD. Our in depth expertise becomes your tool kit!

Why Choose MTTC?

We know how difficult it is to get training in the western regions of the United States. We are dedicated to providing easy-to-access, high quality training, while sparing you high costs and travel fees. We are of Collective minds to help you be the best modern clinical therapist you can be.

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