Enhancing your practice comes with a smidgen of research. Ask your OCD training questions and find out if is our trainings are right for you.

OCD Training Questions

What makes the training MTTC offers, different from other offerings on the market right now?

  • Local community
  • Small consultation and training sizes
  • Depth in understanding differential diagnosis and complex presentations
  • Option for local live trainings and gatherings
  • Incorporation of ACT and substance use treatment
  • On demand training, options for re-play to lock in learning
  • Culturally inclusive
  • Partners with grassroots communities
  • Listening what clients have asked for to integrate into treatment

How do I know what training is right for me? 

There are a few other training options in the US, varying from price, location,  time of year offerings and those renowned for their work. Our mission at MTTC is to make training accessible to those in all parts of the US. Please click here to take our survey of the best suited training options based on your skillset. 

How do I get started? 

    1. Take our quiz to determine the best training path for you. Where do I start Quiz
    2. Then you can sign up for each training individually or purchase a bundle of training. Either way, you can work at your own pace towards your completion. 
    3. After completing the 3 training series (OCD During the Pandemic: OCD 101, ERP 101, ERP Deep Dive), you are eligible to register for group OCD consultation.

I have questions about a particular case. I am not ready/able to do ongoing group consultation. Is there an option for me? 

You can opt for private consultation with Carla or Lori depending on their availability. Please see the item in our shop.

How do I know if I am ready to treat OCD?

 Start with OCD during the Pandemic: OCD 101, join a consultation group.

I just want to know how to spot OCD in a client, I am not interested in taking steps to become an ERP specialist. What do you have to offer? 

We have an intro training for assessment of OCD with clients and ways that you can find referrals. See OCD amidst a Pandemic: OCD 101 Training in the shop.

Why do you require an application for supervision?

Supervision is a liability shared between supervisee and supervisor. One in which requires trust, diligence training, and strict. Supervision is a process of signing off on licensure, guiding and teaching you, and directing the generally accepted standards of practice with ethics, care, and diligence. We will be selective and you may be declined for supervision.  We want to make sure you have the best experience while we are gatekeeping the community for the best therapy is being provided to clients. 

Can I get a discount?

We do not offer discounts. We have made our pricing very reasonable for the market of all levels of therapy across the world for therapists to become trained in treatment of OCD. 

Can I share this information with others?

You may not share your downloads with others or redistribute any links or materials. We have made our pricing very reasonable to help all levels of the community. We love your referrals to MTTC and are happy to train others with our copy-written content. 

What is your refund policy?

We are sorry that no refunds are offered. These are downloadable products that we cannot regulate after they are sent to you.

I am having issues with my order or download?

Please email us here and we can help you trouble shoot. 

My download has expired, what do I need to do?

You will need to create a new purchase. You are only permitted two downloads that are set to expired after 30 days. 

I want to know more about your trainers?

Please read our bios here.

OCD Treatment Training

A Learning Place

Our consultation groups focused on OCD are full of clinicians of all levels. State lines are not an issue here. Join us to expand your creative process in the way that you help clients move through the Exposure and Response Prevention treatment for OCD!

OCD Treatment Training

The Training Collections Shop

Our collection of trainings range from introductory to assessment for a full training of being and ERP provider for OCD treatment. As clinicians with years of experience in the community we understand the levels of care clients need and regardless of your skillset and/or passion for treating OCD, we can add the essential skills to your toolbox to get the clients to the appropriate providers to reduce their suffering.